This Mounted Precision Pneumatic Planter is a machine developed according to different agricultural and environmental conditions for the common needs of the vegetable manufacturers.
Mounted Precision Pneumatic Planter For Small Seeds is specially designed for thin and small seeds. The planter is an ideal seed drill for vegetables and plants such as onion, parsley, lettuce, dill, celery,
asparagus, eggplant, tomato, pepper, cucumber, gherkin, leeks, okra, peas, soya bean, cabbage, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, leek, spinach, beet, radish, turnip, carrots, sesame, cummin, thyme, tulip, dandelion, daisy, clover, tobacco, black cumin, p.rhoeas, dianthus barbatus, chrysanthemun, mustard, colchicum, etc. 
Number of planter units can be increased or decreased according to demand, as 2-4-5-6-8-10-12 rows. Mounted Precision Pneumatic Planter For Small Seeds can be used for planting on the ridge also. İt is easy to setup a desired distance inter rows. Control and settings of the machine is easy, with their slight and strong chassis construction and with design of compact fan. Parallelogram wheel, unit and Through the self-cleaning wheel system is taken under control a sowing depth. Through the special designed double-acting fan to provide a les highest of falling seeds and precision setup the distance up the row. Separate air circulation and is cleaning plate holes from seed wastes. Through the wheels inside the unit, which is, make a precision misfire and reduce the unthrift of seeds to minimum Mounted on every units Through special discs and sowing feet is possible with every unit to plant in single, double, triple file.



No. of rowspcs4681012
Length cm250300350400400
Distance between rows cm25 - 9025 - 9025 - 9025 - 9025 - 90
Seed sowing feet width cm5-6-7.5 min/10-13-15 max5-6-7.5 min/10-13-15 max5-6-7.5 min/10-13-15 max5-6-7.5 min/10-13-15 max5-6-7.5 min/10-13-15 max
Seed hopper volume Lt.2x42x62x82x102x12
Weight kg650820103012501470
Power Hp35-8035-8035-8035-8035-80
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