Eren Square Baler machine picks up the barrel harvested hay, alfalfa, wheat, barley and other crops from the field and compress, then tie around the bale with a twine. Most common and useful machine is the one which makes a form of rectangular bale. It is very easy to store, carry and use of these bales.

Power requirement is transmitted directly from PTO through a shaft. 

Power distribution system has been redesigned on Bale machine. Power supply is divided into 3 section where empowers to crop pick up system, hayfork loading system and tie mechanism, thus prevents the excessive force at certain points. This is a superior advantage compared to the others. 


With the new design bearings, chains and gears are working smoothly. A spring loaded tensioning system is used to increase the lifetime and performance of transfer chain.   

Pick-up table is equipped with a double acting hydraulic system to move up and down as easily to collect the crops from field. Pick-up system is extendable and collection range is about 180 cm.

Due to over feeding or jam in front hayfork loading system, then security mechanism is automatically activated to prevent the pick-up system.

Baler is equipped with a heavy duty towing bar and it is attached directly to the main axle which takes away the pressure affection onto the bale chamber. At the rear side there is an adjustable height support wheel.

Rasspe tie group is functioning trouble-free with two twine tie mechanism. Machine can be equipped with No of 10 twine coils at the same time. Standard supply of blower fan always keeps clean twine tie mechanism and allows the machine to work in all conditions.


Bale Chamber
Chamber sizecm36 x 46
Stroke lengthcm73
Ram strokestroke/ minute92
Feed windowcm²1570
Bale length cm30 – 135
Bale weightkg25 – 35
Work efficiency bale / day1800 – 2200
Knotter pcspcs2-Twine
Pick up system
Pick-Up width (in to in)cm163
Pick-Up width (out to out)cm171
Bar Gapmm70
Tooth bars 5 bars
Number of teethpcs110
Baler dimensions
Tyres right 10,0 / 75 – 15.3 Tubles 12 PLY
Tyres left 10,0 / 75 – 15.3 Tubles 12 PLY
Rear middle support wheel 16,5x6,50 - 8 6PR
Weight of balerkg2192
Length of baler (on the road)cm553
Length of baler (on duty)cm638
Width of balercm255
Height of balercm187
Tractor powerhp50-60
PTO 1/min540
Transmission 2 shaft
  • Square Baler (Non-Chopper)
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